How To: Fix a Warped Record for skratch djs by dj lemon chin

Fix a Warped Record for skratch djs by dj lemon chin

There are many ways to fix warped vinyl. Here's a ghetto version by using the power of the sun. Qbert experiments on a hot day to see if the double glass trick really works with 2 tables. By heating up the record under two flat surfaces, to where it's kinda bendable, you can reshape it yourself. Just don't get it too hot and melt the LP! It's another reason you need the glass... because with out it, if you leave the record in the sun by itself, it will bend all crazy and wavy.

This video should be titled: how many times does Q say "2 pieces of glass"?

Don't you hate when you unwrap a record and it's warped? Well now you can un-warp wax you just unwrapped that was warped, so you're ready for war and up to par when you rap with your paw =P (say this 10 times super fast and your record will become straight).

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