Five-Arm Turntable Has Got It on Lock

If you have a fear of needles, you may want to sit this one out. Billed as an "analog answer for the digitalized DJ," this five-arm turntable plays an ode to the lock groove. What's a lock groove? Glad you asked. Whereas normal grooves lead the stylus in toward the label of the record, lock or "locked" grooves form a perfect circuit, looping around on themselves forever and ever. Throw in a few extra tone arms as London-based artist Yuri Suzuki has done and you've got yourself a full-featured loop-based analog sequencer.

Five-Arm Turntable Has Got It on Lock

See Suzuki's "Prepared Turntable" in action:


Im geeking out here. That is far cooler than my first impressions.

wow, awesome

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