How To: Make your own homemade record player

Make your own homemade record player

Play records with a piece of paper and a needle. Amazingly easy to make! I don't recommend using your good records for this though.

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wow... i never knew you could do that so easily... although after 2 plays i might need a new record.. but its cool to do to old records you don't need anymore

This is actually pretty cool... Take it to the next step with a motor and some sort of arm to mount the "cone needle" and you're getting somewhere!

could you use record player needles to prevent wrecking the vinyl??

If ever losing a Reproducteur on a record player, using a thin sheet of tinfoil or other type of metal/mesh paper to make this really can fix that problem, sometimes playing the music more efficiently than before.

Take it on the go with headphones and a portable homemade Pre-Amp.

Got to love that Electronics. Coil vibration from needle changes Frequency to oscilator, Modulates Carrier Frequency? New way to transmit, use it for FM. So put the coil from tank circuit right in the Arm instead of actual cartridge.

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