How To: Mix a Reggaeton beat

Mix a Reggaeton beat

Want to mix and scratch like a professional DJ? To be a good DJ you need to understand the concepts of mixing tracks, adding cool effects, and of course you need a good sense of rhythm to line up the beats. This how to video explains how to mix a Reggaeton beat. Reggaeton is a genre of Latin dance music which mixes rap, hip-hop, reggae, and ragga. Salsa and merengue influences can also be heard in some songs. After becoming very popular in Puerto Rican clubs, it began spreading through parts of South America and then into the United States through New York City and Los Angeles, cities with concentrated populations of Puerto Ricans. It continues to gain popularity in other cities with some club owners moving exclusively to this infectious new genre. This video breaks it down for you. Watch this DJ tutorial so you can learn how to mix a reggaeton beat.

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