How To: Dress nice and comfortable when working a DJ gig

Dress nice and comfortable when working a DJ gig

Dressing appropriate yet comfortable as a DJ go hand in hand in this video.Although tuxedos or suits can be worn this particular DJ prefers a little more dressed down. With a dressy button down and a pair of white cotton Dockers, he explains he looks professional yet he's comfortable. Sitting as a DJ is a bad idea. So standing for several hours definitely requires a comfortable pair of shoes. The Clark pair shown are his choice and said to have great soles, and very comfortable. Two tips for the shirt and the pants are given. Its important for the cut of the shirt to allow room under the arms. That way when your stretching your shirt does not come undone causing you to look sloppy. The pants need to look dressy yet be durable and be flexible for easy movement.Being comfortable is an important part of being a DJ. To be uncomfortable shows in your face and posture, and as a DJ you want to look relaxed and at your best.Dressing well and comfortable for the job can help accomplish that.

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